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Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring

Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring

Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring
Product name : Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring
Item :
Details :

The carbide seal-ring can be divided into both of the kinetic seal-ring and static seal-ring, and constitutes mechanic seal together with the spring, rubber seal-ring and seal jacket.


It is to be used mainly for waste water pump, water discharge pump for the mines centrifugal pump, centrifuge, slag slurry pump and slurry pump etc. The seal-ring will be installed on the pump body and rotating axle, and forms through the end face of the kinetic and static ring a liquid or gas seal.


Main Products:

Kinetic and static ring types with groove against turning, with rubber seal-ring, with teeth, balancing and non-balancing.

There is a big choice of sizes and type of the products. We can also recommend, design, develop. Produce the products as per the drawings and requirements of the customers.

Outer Circle Diameter
Internal Hole Diameter

Φ15 - Φ300

Φ10 - Φ280

3 - 40
Technical Parameters(um)
Surface Roughness Ra
Surface roughness Rz
Shape of Seal Face
Plane, concave/convex sphere